Winter Programs

We offer trips running Monday-Saturday (5 nights / 5.5 days), Saturday-Friday ( 6 nights / 5 days ) and then a weekend Friday-Monday ( 3 nights / 3 days ). Trips departing on Monday and Friday leave at 9am. Trips departing on Saturday leave at 1pm. Guided trips may be booked by a party of one, other trips must be booked by groups of 2 or more with private lodge reservations available for groups of 12-19.


Options for individual/small group guiding to guiding for the full lodge. We have a variety of guides with experience in the area to draw from. Just let us know more about your group and we can recommend options.
If you do not have strong experience in terrain evaluation or avalanche forecasting you should choose the guided option. Other reasons to choose a guided option include
– maximise the pleasure, minimize the stress with the guide making the decisions for the group speeds up the whole group enabling more skiing and less confusion.
– local knowledge on the terrain, stability, run selection and the variety of interesting loops, traverses, and terrain that you may not consider if you are self-guided.

Courses, Non-Skiers and Snowshoe trips.

Interested in a lodge based avalanche courses or winter leadership courses.  Let us know and we can put it together for your group or we may have other interested parties wanting a similar experience. Enjoy a network of trails in safe terrain surrounding the lodge that are perfect for snowshoe, or walk in the woods ski touring. A perfect time for snowshoeing or for non-skiers is late March and early April when the snow is a little firmer which makes walking easier.



Ski Touring in the Southern Selkirks, British Columbia